Safe Housing


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The Abused Adult Resource Center (AARC) provides survivors of domestic or dating violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and/or stalking with emergency and long-term housing and support services.

Survivors at AARC’s housing facilities receive:

A safe and secure living environment

24-hour advocacy, support, and referrals to assist with counseling, legal assistance, medical care, and employment

Supportive family services through AARC children’s advocacy, mentoring, and activities program

Pam’s House

This program has been developed for the women and children who are the victims of domestic violence. Pam’s House is a temporary community living arrangement that includes a secure environment; 24-hour support system; case management (budgeting, goal-setting, parenting, nutrition); assistance with locating permanent housing, legal and medical needs; assistance for education and employment; activities for children; and support groups for women and children. Pam’s House is constantly in need of many household items to keep our house neat, clean and well run. Check out our Wish List.

Pam’s House Children’s Activity Program

Children’s lives are frequently disrupted by moves to escape domestic violence. They lose considerable school time, must leave friendships behind, and cannot talk about what is going on in their lives. The goal of the children’s activity program is to help remove the barriers that make the children feel “different” or “less accepted” in their new environment. The activities developed include fun, group and individual outings and educational indoor activities.

Diane Zainhofsky Hope House

This transitional facility provides housing and support services for abuse victims and their children who have become homeless because of violence in their lives. Specifically, Hope House serves victims “transitioning” from our emergency facility but haven’t yet been able to locate their own living arrangements. Services provided are similar to those at Pam’s House.

Bonnie’s Apartments

Prioritizes supportive safe and permanent housing services in efficiency apartments for single victims of violence who need longterm supportive and safe housing solely for themselves. Historically single victims have encountered extensive waiting lists for assisted housing as families are prioritized.

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