Seeds of Hope

Through generous community donations, the Abused Adult Resource Center owns and operates Seeds of Hope, a thrift/gift store open to the general public.

    Seeds of Hope assists survivors by

    • Providing survivors with clothes through our Career Closet and household furnishings they may need for restarting their lives
    • Serving as a job-training site for survivors interested in a career in retail and provides them with work experience
    • Proceeds benefit the Abused Adult Resource Center helping survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault
    • Our New Directions Education & Training equips survivors with the resources they need to obtain employments or education to assist them financially in moving on to a life free from violence

    Seeds Of Hope

    Visit Us

    520 E. Main Avenue
    Bismarck, North Dakota

    Open 9:30am to 5pm.
    Monday through Saturday 

    Seeds of Hope

    Donations Accepted

    Day Time
    Every Day
    Except Wednesdays
    • Please have donation items boxed or bagged for easier processing.
    • Please do not leave donations after hours as they will get damaged and stolen

    Volunteers Needed

    • Christmas Store
    • Pricing
    • Organization

    If interested, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at our main office at (701) 222-8370.

    Myrt Armstrong Christmas Store

    The Myrt Armstrong Christmas store in the Abused Adult Resource Center’s Seeds of Hope Thrift and Gift Store opened on October 26th for the season.

     The store is open Monday-Saturday from 9:30am to 5pm in the bottom level of Seeds of Hope Thrift Store.

     The store is named in honor of the late Myrt Armstrong, who originated the idea of the Christmas store.

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